what you making man?

Sunday, 21 August 2011


as of tomorrow i will be in america until the beginning of november.

you can still order tapes by emailing - whilst im away my brother will sort mailorder stuff out - he has a real job so stuff will take a bit longer than usual.

the thawed out tape is out, and the seyed cassette will hopefully appear whilst im away as it is already but sat in a house in leeds somewhere.

the human hands/yntl split 7" is almost at press - just needs to be paid for and should be out in a little over a month. should hopefully be available from time as a colour, too cool to dance and win thein way before im back.

as soon as i get back i'll be sending off the masters for the bird calls/human hands split 7" which should be ready for christmas. human hands will be playing a small handful of the football etc uk tour dates if all goes to plan so keep your eyes peeled for that.

thanks! chaz

thawed out demo cassette out now



5 tracks of weird and nasty hardcore from the second city

for fans of void, sex vid, total abuse

to buy


£3.20 (UK)


(please note i am out the country until november - my brother is running mailorder so stuff will take a few days longer than usual)

stream/free download of the tape at