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Friday, 9 April 2010

Facel Vega/The Sceptres/Human Hands/Tanka - Bristol 8/4

we left birmingham at around half 4, and made our way onto bristol. this was our (human hands) second show and my first time ever in bristol (i think). we were excited.

feel the excitement.

we arrived at the venue to meet oli and james who were putting the show on, and they fed us some awesome food and we talked about records etc.....

bristol is nice!

facel vega and the sceptres had broken down in london, so stuff was running late, but they managed to rent another van and haul ass to bristol in time.

tanka played first, which was one dude playing ambient drones which were very nice, albeit made me sleepy!

we played next. i think it went pretty good, but can't remember much from it. playing music always seems like a blur.

next up was the sceptres from london. these guys are awesome, and play 70s esque garage punk, reminds me of x-ray spex and x!

facel vega played last. they're easily one of the best uk bands around at the moment. revolution summer esque punk/emo; super intense, super great.

awesome show, thanks to oli and james, all the bands and everyone that came!

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