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Monday, 26 April 2010

Empire! Empire!/What Price, Wonderland?/Pennines - Guildford

i'd been excited for this for a while and the guys in what price were kind enough to give me a lift....
after some extreme squishing into the back of the car and some failed 'canvassing' (see below) attempts we made it to the venue

steve put the show on. he puts tonnes of amazing shows on so if you're from the london area make sure you support his shows! this one was in guildford's finest community centre!

pennines played first. hadn't seen these guys play before, and wasn't disappointed. total american football worship, but i've never been one to complain with that......
for some reason i'd didn't take any photos of their set, but here is one of them soundchecking!

up next were what price, wonderland playing their first show in about a million years. they played a lot of newer jams; hectic and clever post punk, but still emo as fuck.
their set was a perfect example that these guys should play more than once a year, and got me stoked for the split with twisted once it finally sees the light of day!

this was empire! empire!'s only uk show, and after some heavy travelling they were very sleep-deprived! sleep or no sleep they still ruled!
they played a bunch of new songs off their new long play, as well as some old(ish) favourites, and even a new number, which sounded swell!
can't recommend this band more!

awesome show!
thanks to steve, the bands, and everyone else who showed up and had fun!

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