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Thursday, 4 February 2010

a quick chat with algernon cadwallader

Algernon Cadwallader are some swell dudes from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They play really fun, poppy, emo songs, which make me want to grow an awesome beard and drink beer with my friends. This is a small chat with Peter Helmis from the band.............

Hey man, hows it going?
(PETER): hello. great. up real late preparing for a graduated weekend (4 day tour).

Who’s in the band? How long have you guys been playing music together?
the band consists of joe reinhart, tank bergman, and peter helmis, who is me. this has been the band line up for roughly 2 years. me and joe have been playing in bands together for the past 10 years and we've both been jamming with tank here and there in the last 6 years or so.

That’s one pretty crazy band name you got there? Where did it come from?
algernon cadwallader was the first mayor of yardley, pa which is a suburb of philadelphia and which joe and i are proud to have made the best of growing up in.

Is it difficult telling people what your band is called who aren’t already familiar with your stuff? I bet there has been some pretty hilarious mispronunciations….
i enjoy the funny looks on people's faces. we've heard some different pronunciations but if you follow these easy to remember phonetics you'll be saying algernon cadwallader 'til the cows come home! it's al (like your friend at the organic grocery in silver springs, maryland) jer (like the jersey shore. great program) naan (like the delicious indain flat bread) cad (like cat but with a "d") wall (like the thing that holds you up when you drank too much) uh (like uhhh... i don't know) der (like algernon cadwalla-der).

How was the European tour? You guys seemed to get treated like royalty over here in the UK, with a tonne of sold-out shows…………was it at all overwhelming?
we were'nt sure what to expect when we went europe but what we got completely surpassed our wildest imaginations. the uk shows we're especially crazy and tons of fun. it could have been overwhelming if it wasn't so genuine. we made so many real friends and talked to everyone at the shows it seemed. it was very down to earth and we took none of it for granted. definitely one of the best experiences of all our lives.

Any highlights? Favourite countries, cities or particular shows?
becoming super close with our tourmates, teenage cool kids, and our driver, majty. we shared the whole experience together and every second was worthwhile. i loved the scandinavian vibe. antwerp, belgium was a particularly memorable night spent with the the warmest people walking around the city and drinking great beer. we have to cite our manchester, england show as being the wildest we've ever played. we came close to colapsing the 2 floor and scared people out from the bar beneath us.

I picked up a copy of that 75:24 comp tape. Seems like you guys have a pretty incredible scene going on; people starting loads of great bands, putting on shows, releasing records together etc……how important has that been to you guys? And in general how important is that DIY/community approach to your music?
our scene is peaking right now (or hopefully not, actually). it's been brewing for a long time but within the last couple years there's been new blood surge into it with tons of support and the tape definitely well-documented and called attention to it. it is an amazing and super encouraging enviornment to be in. you will see a lot more material coming from all of these bands this year. the diy approach mostly effects the way we tour and put out records. i don't know what we'd be doing without it but it probably wouldn't be as much fun.

Who are some of your favourite bands in that scene?
too hard.

What are your main influences? Listening to your music, the 90s Midwest emo/indie rock seems like a pretty major influence, but I can also here a lot of straight up pop fun too.
the band started out of love for early emo stuff. we worship the beatles. i think you will notice a lot of new wave influence in our new stuff.

What plans do you guys have now? More touring? New records?
we're doing these weekend tours during the winter but we're putting effort into staying home and writing and recording a new album. hopefully we'll be done by summer and will be able to do some significant touring then.

Thanks dudes. Best of luck.

In the case you haven't heard these guys yet, you're weird! Go check them out right now at and buy all their records. They've just released a new 7" with be happy records and protagonist records. Cool.

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